Principal´s Desk

Shweta Batra


Sinhgad Spring Dale School & Jr. College Mumbai

We believe….

A country having citizens with a progressive attitude and high morals & values is sure to make its mark on the globe. And, creating such individuals for the Nation is by and large the duty of the educational institutions.
It is often said; the future of a country can be professed by looking at children of that nation. We, at Sinhgad Spring Dale School & Jr. College, design various activities that are spaced out throughout the year with a conscious and careful thought process. Vital aspects like the academic, physical, emotional, spiritual, patriotic, cultural growth are touched upon giving the child a wide spectrum to explore.
Identifying and sharpening the existing skills of a child on one side and on the other end understanding the ones that they are lacking and working on developing/breeding those skills is an ongoing process, so as to enable a child flourish due to his strengths and also make him, capable to deal and manage through his weakness when an adult.
We strive to meet the ever-increasing needs of the students and generate a population to remarkably contribute to the growth and development of this country and thereby be worthy citizens to the Nation.