The Classrooms are spacious, well - ventilated & well - lit. The emphasis is on cleanliness, beautification and creation of a highly conducive environment that enriches the quality of the teaching - learning process.


The library offers an open shelf system for the convenience of the teachers. The books available in the library cater to interest of students of various age group. Every class has a period .Teachers accompany the students to the library and guide them in selecting books and deriving information. Group discussion, book reviews,quiz etc. are some of the follow up activities taken in the class.

Computer Centre

The college has a fully air-conditioned, up-to-date Computer laboratory, which is equipped with the latest technology to handle different software courses. Unlimited internet access is available on every computer.


The school has well equipped science laboratories. Well-lit and spacious laboratories provide the right ambience and motivation for the students of all classes to work in harmony and learn by doing. Practical's are conducted on regular basis. Students from primary section also work in the laboratories from time to time and perform experiments. Apart from the laboratories, mobile trollies containing science material are also used by the science teachers in order to give demonstration in the classes.

Medical Facility

A well-qualified and experienced staff is available on call basis in the campus to provide necessary medical aid to the students. The school also organises annual check up and maintains health report of each student.

Seminar Hall And Audio-Visual Centre

The college has a very modern well equipped Seminar hall, replete with audio-visual aids such as LCD projectors, audio-video systems, etc. The hall is exclusively designed for additional inputs such as seminars, workshops, guest lectures, presentations etc. Such interactions enrich students and make them more confident to face the tough challenges of the ever-changing global environment.