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The college provides higher education facilities for students belonging to the socially and economically weaker sections of society. The college is geared towards enabling the future generation to develop a national spirit and character and broader global outlook.


Qualified student


Our student Ganesh Kadam stood First in Night Jr. Colleges Merit lists from the Arts stream in the year 2008

Cultural activities


Students has reached final round of Cultural activities of Indian National Theatre drama competition in 2008.

Sports & Events


Our Student Bhavesh Solunkhi has won Inter College Best Student competition and Second winner of Group dance arranges by Chatra Bharati in the year 2009.

Cultural activities


Our student reached upto semi final in group dance and sole dance Inter - Collegiate competition conducted by Sathe College in the year 2009.

Award Winning


Our student Sandesh Bhandare won first prize in Annual Inter -collegiate essay competition conducted by Ramkrishna Mission in the year 2008.

Award Winning


Our students namely Sandesh Bhandare, Jamsandekar Aniket, Salbul Kissan won 1st prize in quiz competition conducted by the SYCSPM in the year 2008.




Developing Self
Reliant Individuals!

The college ensures an all-round development of the student so as to make him Versatile in all fields. Co-curricular activities form an important part of the curriculum. It is these activities that nurture the student and make him / her ready for today's tough, competitive world. More over, it gives the student a refreshing change from the monotony of academics. It is therefore of prime importance to give the students intermittent dashes of co-curricular activities.

Group Discussion

For personality development and boosting of self confidence group discussions are frequently conducted for the benefit of the students. This helps to nurture the idea of co-hesiveness amongst the students

Case Studies

Studying individual business cases and presenting them to the class not only develops analytical skills but also helps in refining decision making ability. The presentation techniques and Communication skills are also enhanced.


It is here where individuals learn to asser themselves in a crowd. We hold monthly debates on a particular topic of interest to the students. We see debate as a means for developing language fluency and academic skills rather than as an end in itself.

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling (one-to-one sessions) is conducted with each student. This keeps the teacher in tune with the students and any other difficulties faced by them which is in any way hindering their progress.

Study Visits & Guest Lectures

We invite guest faculties from various Institutes and Industries for free interaction with the students. Guests from a vast cross-section of disciples / fields come to share their knowledge and experiences with our students so as to keep them abreast to the latest trends in the industry. Study visits and Industrial visits are planned for our students every year.

Parent Teacher Meeting

As the student is in the transition stage of being a school student to becoming collegiate, it is thus imperative to keep a close watch on his / her progress. Every student's progress and overall performance is monitored and parents are updated about the same in PT meets. This not only helps in dealing with developing a positive approach towards the issues but goes a long way in character building of the pupil. This attitude also shows our personal concern for every student.

Quiz / Excursions

We encourage inter college quiz competition to give academics an interesting and competitive form.

The college organizes excursions, industry visits, and also conducts personality development programmes on the campus. These activities prove to be a source of enjoyment as well as informal learning.

Sports And Cultural Activities

The significance of sports and extra curricular activities in academics is well known. Student participation in extra curricular activities like sports, cultural activities, etc. breaks the monotony of academics. Cultural activities help to nurture and nourish the creative talent among the students while ensuring unity among students. Cultural activities which includes music, drama, fashion shows, dance, etc. bring the students closer to the rich Indian ethos and traditions.

Admission Procedure



A merit list based on the percentage of marks will be put up on the College Notice Board. Interested students will promptly pay the requisite amount and get their admissions confirmed. If a student fails to avail himself/herself of the chance within three days from the date of the display of the merit list, the claim of admission will be forfeited and the seat will be given to the next candidate. Admission forms incomplete in any respect will not be entertained. No admission will be deemed secured until all the prescribed dues are paid up. Fees once paid will, on no account, be refunded. Admission to the First Year is valid, only till the end of the academic session. The admission will have to renewed the next year. Renewal of admission will be subject to the passing of the First Year Exams and the decent and disciplined BEHAVIOUR of the student.



Students who have passed the S.S.C. (Std. X) examination of the Maharashtra Board with the requisite subjects are eligible to apply for admission to Std. XI in the Faculty of Arts, Commerce depending on the stream selected by them. If he/she has secured a minimum cut off percentage of marks prescribed by Nav Hind Junior College for a particular stream, admission will be granted on merit. The students who have passed equivalent exams form the Boards outside the state of Maharashtra will be required to obtain eligibility certificate from Mumbai Division Board.

How To Apply For Admission


Students seeking admission to the college will be required to collect the Application forms available in the college office, just on the day following the declaration of the S.S.C. result and submit the same, duly filled in all details, within three days at the college office.

The Documents Required For Admission


  • Application form duly filled in

  • Attested copy of the mark sheet

  • Original Leaving Certificate with an attested copy

  • Photograph (Black & White)

  • Provisional Eligibility, (Only for candidates form outside the State of Maharashtra)





Mrs. S N. Sherkar

M.A., B.Ed.

Principal (Day College)


Mr. B. S. Patade

M.A., B.Ed.

Principal (Night College)


Mr. D. M. Ghanwat


In-charge of Vocational


Mr. P S Sawant

M.Com. B.Ed

Full time Teacher


Mr. K M Salunkhe

M.Com. B.Ed

Full time Teacher


Mrs. M. S. Gamre

M.A., B.Ed.

Asst. Teacher


Mrs. S. A. Kamble

M.A., B.PEd.

Asst. Teacher


Mrs. S. P. Mahadik

M.A., B.Ed.

Asst. Teacher


Miss. M. G. Pagare

M.A., B.Ed.

Asst. Teacher


Mrs. M C Ghakwad

M.A., B.Ed.

Asst. Teacher


Mrs. R. M. Shetye

M.A., B.Ed.

Asst. Teacher


Mr. S. R. Shirke

M.Com., B.E., DGDC&A

Asst. Teacher


Mrs. V. S. Tasgaonkar

M.A., B.Ped.

Asst. Teacher


Miss. C. S. More

M.Com., B.Ed.

Asst. Teacher


Mrs. S. V. Garud

M.A., B.Ed.

Asst. Teacher


Mr. Suhas Kamble

M.A., B.Ed.

Asst. Teacher


Mrs. S. S. Sadavarte

M.A., B.P.Ed

Asst. Teacher


Mr. S. E. Dhapurkar

M. A. B.Ed.

Asst. Teacher


Mrs. J. P. Pawar

M.Com., B.Ed., B.Lib. Sc.

Asst. Teacher


Miss. U. A. Kadam

M.A., B.Ed.

Asst. Teacher


Mr. S. M. Patil

M.Com. B.Ed

Instructor in Accounting & Auditing


Mr. S. R. Pawar


Instructor in Office Management


Mr. K. V. Shinde

M.Com., MBA

Instructor in Banking


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Contact Us

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Phone : (022) 24134365

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